Douglas City Hall
101 N. 4th Street, Douglas, Wyoming

FEBRUARY 27, 2017
 5:30 p.m.

Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities who wish to participate in this public meeting shall be made upon request to the City Administrator, City of Douglas, at 307-358-3462.

Please turn off cell phones or set to vibrate during meetings.
Pledge of Allegiance & Call to Order
  • Mayor Jones
  • Councilmember Kingery
  • Councilmember Bartling
  • Councilmember Kemper
  • Councilmember Gilbreath 

Consent Agenda
All agenda items listed under the Consent Agenda are considered to be routine items by the governing body and will be enacted by one motion unless a Councilmember or member of the public requests that an individual item be taken up under consideration separately, in which case the item will be placed under Council Action Items
Corrections, Addititions, and Approval of Agenda for February 27, 2017
Consideration of Resolution(s)/Ordinance(s) by Title Only
Minutes, Regular City Council Meeting, February 13, 2017
  1. 02-13-2017 Mins.pdf
Minutes, City Council Study Session, February 13, 2017
Minutes, Planning & Zoning Commission Meeting, February 21, 2017
Presentations for Council/Public Hearings
Resolution 1929 and Ordinance 989
Resolution 1929, Vacating Wilson Subdivision, Block 2, Lots 2 – 5 and Lots 21 – 23 and Replatting as Wilson Subdivision, Block 2, Lots 45 – 54; and

Ordinance 989, Changing the Zoning of Wilson Subdivision, Block 2, Lots 45 – 54 Within the City of Douglas From R-1 Neighborhood Residential to R-2 Medium Density Residential
Liquor License Renewals for April 1, 2017, to March 31, 2018 License Term

Licensee Applicants with No Violations During 2016-2017 License Term

  1.  American Legion #8, DBA American Legion (Limited Retail “Club” License)
  2.  College Inn, Inc, DBA College Inn (Retail License)
  3.  Douglas Community Club, Inc., DBA Douglas Community Club (Limited Retail “Club” License)
  4.  Estate of Underwood Ventures, Inc., DBA Northgate Liquor and Lounge (Retail License)
  5.  Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant, DBA Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant (Restaurant License)
  6.  H-4-U, Inc., DBA Plains Trading Post (Retail License)
  7.  Headstrong, LLC, DBA Headstrong Brewery (Retail License)
  8.  Headstrong, LLC, DBA Headstrong Brewery (Microbrewery License)
  9.  House of Pinz, Inc., DBA House of Pinz (Retail License)
  10.  Los Espinos, Inc., DBA LaCosta Mexican Restaurant (Restaurant License)
  11.  Moose Lodge #602, DBA Moose Lodge (Limited Retail “Club” License)
  12.  Roundrock Entertainment, LLC, DBA LaBonte Bar (Retail License)
  13.  Sunset Liquors, LLC, DBA Sunset Liquors (Retail License)
  14.  The Depot LLC, DBA The Depot (Restaurant License)

Liquor License Renewal Applications, License Term April 1, 2017, to March 31, 2018
License Applicants with Violation During 2016-2017 License Term:
  1. Beggar LLC, DBA The Liquor Cabinet (Retail License)
  2. Douglas Liquors LLC, DBA Douglas Discount Liquors and Tobacco (Retail License)
  3. Friendz LLC, DBA Friendz (Restaurant License)
  4. High Plains Pizza, Inc., DBA Pizza Hut #206 (Restaurant License)
  5. Kota LLC, DBA White Wolf Saloon (Retail License)
  6. Menter Corp., DBA The Waterhole (Retail License)
  7. P&Z Inc., DBA Double D Liquors (Retail License)
  8. Sapporo WY II LLC, DBA Sapporo Steak and Sushi (Bar & Grill License)
Public Comments

This section of the Agenda is reserved for comments from the General Public on matters relating to Douglas Municipal Government.  In order to be heard, please approach the podium, speak into the microphone, state your name and affiliation and sign in.  Council Meetings are broadcast live on TV (Cable Channel 61).  If you have handouts to present to Council, please also provide a copy to the City Clerk.

Council Action Items
Ordinance 988
I. Ordinance 988, Amending Chapter 8.08.020 of the Douglas Municipal Code to Allow for Staff Authorization of Fireworks Displays, Second Reading
Quitclaim Deed
Between the City of Douglas, Grantor, and Eastern Wyoming Community College District, Grantee, for Property Located at Lot 39, Douglas Business Park, City of Douglas, Wyoming
Agreement for Purchase of Untrained Dual Purpose K9 Dog Between the City of Douglas, Wyoming, and Kasseburg Canine Training Center, New Market, Alabama
Council Information
Sales Tax Report, February 2017
Treasurer's Report, January 2017
Dashboards, January 2017
Service Line Warranties of America Updates
Executive Session
Potential Litigation
As Authorized per W.S. 16-4-405(a)(iii)