Leroy Kingery

City Council
Title: Councilman/Mayor pro tem
Phone: 307-358-6646
Kingery, Leroy

Councilman Leroy Kingery, the third of seven children, was born and raised on small farms (his family lived at more than one over the years) in Iowa. When he was a freshman in high school, he and his family moved to the town of Greene, Iowa where Leroy worked in a grocery store until his graduation in 1957. He then attended McPherson College in McPherson, Kansas, where he worked throughout college and graduated with a B.S in Biology in 1962. Leroy got married that same year. He attended the University of Utah and received a Master of Science Education in 1963. While still in Utah, Leroy taught at Bryant Junior High School in Salt Lake City from 1963 to 1964. In 1964, he went overseas with his family and taught school in Nigeria, West Africa, until 1968. He also had the opportunity to travel in and around several African and European countries by bicycle and automobile. Leroy came back to the U.S. in 1969 and moved to Basin, Wyoming, where he taught high school science and junior high math for an additional year. In 1970, he took a job with the WYDOT, where he worked until 1974. Leroy was very busy during this time as he also started and operated his own cleaning business (Foamway Cleaning Service) from 1973 to 1976; he was also a construction contractor in Basin for ten years, designing and building Passive Solar homes, offices, and retrofit structures. In 1985, Leroy began his career as a Law Enforcement Detention Officer and Administrator, which he did in Basin and then Douglas for the Converse County Sheriff’s Department. He worked in this position until his retirement in 2004, the same year he was selected as Wyoming Detention Officer of the Year. He also taught at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy as a guest instructor from 1995 to 2006. Additionally, Leroy has been the Physical Geology teacher at Eastern Wyoming College since 1991. He and his wife Deb, whom Leroy married in 1988, also work for the U.S Forest Service each summer; Leroy has done this since 2006. Leroy has two children and two stepchildren, all of them grown. In 2010, Leroy was elected to Douglas City Council for the first time; he was re-elected in 2014. When asked what he enjoys most about being on City Council, Leroy stated, “The opportunity to work with a great City staff and be able to have influence on the present and future path of this great City. It is really exciting to know what is happening on a first hand basis and to be an active part in the present and future life of Douglas. I love to learn and I have been learning since the moment of being elected to the City Council. This is an endless process of learning! I love to share what I learn with the people of this community, because they deserve to know.” Leroy’s passion for learning as well as teaching has proven to be a tremendous asset to the City of Douglas, both for the citizens he serves and for the staff who work with him. Leroy is also very passionate about doing his best to see that fairness and intelligence are the basis for decisions the City Council makes about the planning and operating of this City. He says, “Emotions are important. However, we must be very careful about making decisions based on emotion; emotion is not based on logic and I must separate the two in decision making.” He adds that, “I will always do my best to make fair and intelligent decisions for the City. I will do my best to listen to all sides of an issue because to do otherwise is not intelligent, but foolish and self serving. On the City Council, there is no legitimate place for self-serving members.” The City of Douglas is very fortunate to have Councilman Leroy Kingery as a member of our governing body and overall team. 

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