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Methamphetamine Awareness
IceMeth Awareness Program
The Meth Awareness class was designed to help the citizens of Douglas recognize the drug methamphetamine, methamphetamine labs, as well as signs and symptoms of methamphetamine use.

This program has five sections and they are as follows:
  1. Education - Methamphetamine is fast becoming one of the worst drugs to hit Wyoming and our community is no exception. This portion of the training will include what meth is, its history, use and effects, workplace drug testing, public health and safety, community impact, and the impact on our community's children.
  2. Public Health and Safety - Clandestine labs used to make meth are extremely dangerous. Flammable and explosive chemicals, infections, hepatitis outbreaks and increased violence are just a few risks.
  3. Workplace Drug Testing - Approximately 74% of meth users are employed. This part of the program provides information to businesses about workplace drug testing from a legal standpoint and cooperation with a local testing company.
  4. Drug Endangered Child Act - Information will be provided regarding the Endangering Children;Controlled substances law enacted July of 2004.
  5. Meth Awareness - Information will be provided to businesses that have been identified as those that sell the precursors and ingredients to make meth. It is understood that normal people buy the ingredients on a daily basis for totally legitimate reasons; however, people making meth buy them as well. This portion of the program will provide business owners an opportunity to stand together and tell their customers that they support a "No Meth" atmosphere.

Meth Labs
If you suspect a meth lab, leave at once and report it to the police:
  • Do not open any coolers
  • Do not touch any items
  • Handling methamphetamine waste residue can burn your skin and eyes, and breathing in the gases can send you to the hospital
  • Handling these chemicals with unprotected skin, or getting the dust in your eyes can cause serious damage