Josh Oberlander, Chief Water/Wastewater Operator/Supervisor 

The City of Douglas gets its water from three different sources. The Little BJosh Oberlander, Chief Water Operatoroxelder Spring is a high-quality gravity-fed water source located west of Douglas. This source provides up to two million gallons per day and meets the water demands in the fall and winter.

The second source of water for the community is the 1.5 million gallon a day Sheep Mountain Well. This well came into service in the fall of 1994 and supplements the city water supply during peak demand and also allows for reduced usage of the more costly water treatment plant.WWT WWTP Crew

The third source is the water treatment plant, which treats water from the North Platte River. The water treatment plant has a production capacity in the summer of two million gallons per day and is used May through September. It is not designed to service the community in winter. The water treatment plant also contains the municipal lab where daily testing of the city's water system is conducted.

Water Storage Facilities

The city's water storage facilities include a three million gallon tank west of town, a two million gallon tank in town, and a one million gallon tank east of town.