City of Douglas - Strategic Doing

What is Strategic Doing?

Strategic Doing is a dynamic framework that goes beyond creating traditional strategic plans and annual budgets. Instead, it facilitates collaborations by integrating key documents such as comprehensive plans, capital improvement plans, and operating budgets.


The Douglas Strategic Doing process is currently underway with a strong emphasis on aligning institutional goals and upholding organizational commitments. The plan encompasses 8 outcomes, 26 strategies, and 77 key performance indicators, necessitating dedication and involvement from every level of the organization. 

We Are Committed To:

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Progress Updates - January 10, 2024

20240110 Jackalope Progress Graph with Goals (white background)
20240110 Strategic Doing Progress Polar Graph

8 Outcomes

  1. Fun, Uplifting, Neat & Tidy Community (FUN)
  2. Well-Connected City (WCC)
  3. Prosperous & Stable Economy (PSE)
  4. Preserve Natural Pristine Resources for All Generations (PNPR)
  5. Unique & Promotable Identity (UPI)
  6. Engaged & Informed Neighbors (EIN)
  7. Appealing & Safe Community (ASC)
  8. Building Community (BC)

FUN refers to a comprehensive approach that emphasizes vital aspects like housing, healthy lifestyles, community engagement, and equitable access to essential services. This term encapsulates various strategies aimed at enhancing the overall quality of life for all residents within the community. It represents a holistic view of community welfare, focusing on creating an inclusive and supportive environment for every member to thrive.